March 12th and 13th in Alphaville, SP

Discover the new Método IP! 2 days to activate your identity, clarify your purpose and discover how to thrive in all aspects of your life

Uma metodologia única desenvolvida para quem quer prosperar de verdade em todas as áreas da vida. Mais de 140 turmas e milhares de pessoas impactadas que estão mudando suas vidas, famílias e negócios

The method you need to thrive

Who the IP Method is for? Método IP

For you who want to eliminate the emotional blockages that prevent you from living a happy and fulfilling life.

For you who want to achieve exponential results in your personal, professional and spiritual life.

Para você que deseja crescer e prosperar sobre a terra.

You will learn to:

Find out why the Método IP was made for you:

Watch some clips from the Método IP and student testimonials and understand why this is the Greatest Activational Method in Brazil.

Feel the energy

Below are testimonials from some people who have been through the MétodoIP


Here are some of the topics that will be taught so that you can rule over the Earth:







March 12th and 13th in Alphaville, SP

R$20,000.00 in cash or in up to 12 installments of R$2,000.01 on card

Pablo Marçal

Pablo Marçal, Christian, married to @carolmarcal1, father of Lorenzo, Benjamin, Miguel and Isabela. At 36, he has become one of Brazil's most prosperous patriarchs.

On social media, he is watched by more than 20 million people a month. Follow his official channels: Blog Pablo Marçal, Cortes do Marçal, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Twitter e Threads .

Multi-entrepreneur, mentor, writer, racing driver and investor. Today, as CVO (Chief Visionary Officer), he leads a multibillion-dollar group in the real estate, digital, education, insurance, sales, automotive, aviation, technology, hotel, farm and other industries.

He lives in Alphaville-SP and has one of the largest entrepreneurial ecosystems in Latin America.

Marçal has led the country's best-selling books week with more than 35 titles, many of which have become Best Sellers.

01 - Antimedo

02- The destruction of cultural Marxism

03 - Brainwashing

04 - Mind your own business

05 - The master key to the universe

06 - Get out of the coffin

07 - The Bible you haven't read

08 - Unlocking emotional intelligence

09 - Blood, sweat, tears and fat

10 - The million codes

11 - The seven layers of identity

12 - Digital unlocking

13 - My past condemned me

14 - The codes of the prosperity mindset

15 - The art of war (commented edition)

16 - Get out of the desert

17 - Family: the foundation of everything

18 - The five voices

19 - 8 paths to wealth

20 - How to make a million before you're 20

21 - The race of life

22 - Parables of the Kingdom

23 - The unlock codes

24 - Pop all the bubbles

25 - 365 days with Pablo Marçal

26 - Modeling

27 - The call of the Kingdom's generals

28 - There's no such thing as time management

29 - Every Brazilian a ruler

30 - Be a bomb!

31 - 48 keys to prosperity

32 - The 7 Ps of entrepreneurialization

33 - 12 tribes

34 - Million Mind

35 - The raw material of creation

Marçal is proud to be the teacher of almost 1 million students in mentoring and online courses.

Marçal's purpose is to activate the identity and clarify the purpose of the people who connect with him. His biggest challenge is to transform the mentality of the Brazilian people, across all spheres of society.

Frequently asked questions:

I don't believe in weekend changes, but in solid processes of new actions that produce new results. That's why there's the Post IP, which consists of 2 phases and includes activating tasks.

95% of people start to really thrive, and the other 5% don't do the tasks.

The event will be held at Plataforma Internacional, Av. Juruá, 771 - Alphaville, Barueri – SP

Yes, payments with up to 2 cards can be used to approve the purchase of the IP Method.

Once you have purchased your ticket on the Xgrow website and payment has been confirmed, you will receive confirmation of your payment in your e-mail after check-in. On the day of the IP Method immersion, you will need to present it in printed form (if you prefer) or in digital format saved on your cell phone, together with your photo ID.

You will arrive at the venue and be instructed by our team on the next steps.

Sim, Yes, but the ideal is for both of you to do it if you have the same thirst for change. However, if your spouse has a closed heart, it's better to do it alone, so that it starts to generate results and overflow.

No, the IP Method is forbidden for children under 18.

Until you take action, you'll never have time. The IP method is meant to free you from all the prisons you live in, including this "lack of time". 

To give up an opportunity like this is to give up living what the Creator has reserved for you.

And you don't even have to have it all to take part. The IP Method can be split up to 12 times and you can use 2 cards to split the payment. 

That's precisely why you need the IP Method, by activating your identity and clarifying your purpose, things will flow for you in a way you never imagined...

If you haven't discovered your purpose yet, this is where you'll find out. The IP method aims to bring clarity to who you are and your mission here on earth.


Your purpose is aligned with this mission and by the end of the immersion, you will be able to identify this.


How long will fear dominate you and influence your decisions? Can you measure how many opportunities you've missed because of fear? How many people have failed to benefit because of your fear?


These emotional blocks will come to an end with the IP Method.

My advice is to talk to him so that he understands how important the IP Method is in your life and in the life of both of you.

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